Bengaluru: Kormangala residents march to ban ‘Plastic Bags’

Bengaluru: Kormangala residents march to ban ‘Plastic Bags’

Bengaluru, Feb 15:When most of the couple in Bengaluru were busy in celebrating Valentine’s Day with flowers and gifts, Koramangala residents took an innovative initiative to ban plastic bags.

The residents took the initiative in ward number 51 of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar palike (BBMP).
After HSR, Yehlanaka, BTM, residents who implemented ban on plastic bags, now around 300 Kormangala residents turned up to participate in eco-friendly drive at Ganesha Temple Park pressing to put ‘ban plastic bags’ in the area.

During the march women were seen wearing plastic bags and children, men raising voice to ban plastic and urged shopkeepers, consumers, residents to discourage its use.

Meanwhile, people who participated earlier in Yehlanka, BTM, HSR drive to ban plastic, came to Kormangala to extend their support to the residents.

“As we had already made successful drive to ban plastic bags in HSR, Yehlanaka, BTM and now it high time that it must be ban in Kormangala too. Last week we had meeting with vendors and I was surprised that shopkeepers got easily agreed to ban plastic in Kormanagala,” said Soumya Reddy, an environment activist.

“According to vendor they spent a lot in plastic bags and this move is good initiative for them too, as consumers demand plastic bags to carry small things too,” she concluded.

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