Activists plan protest after hotel throws out gays

Chennai: The Delhi high court ruling of 2009 may have decriminalised gay sex but the community continues to face discrimination. Recently, a group of gay men was asked to leave a hotel bar by the staff who said it was “open only to men and women, and not gays”.

On October 23, eight gay men went to Zodiac, a lounge bar . “A few minutes after we entered, one of the hotel staff asked us to leave,” said 21-yearold Prithvi Raj, a Bangalorebased student. “They said the hotel is open only to men and women and not gays.” When the group protested, the staff got aggressive, forcing them to leave. “I was angry, they had no legal right to throw us out,” said Raj.

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Rooting for the underdog!

Rooting for the underdog!

New Delhi: ‘Whoever said you can’t buy happiness for little puppies.’ When author Gene Hill said this, he probably forgot street dogs and the fact they come without a price tag.

They are a nuisance to some, threat to others, invisible to some, a sore sight to others, a leftovers disposal mechanism to some, an occasional friend…

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India’s youth climate activists

We headed back to India from Bangladesh, where we met family and friends, played tourist in South India, enjoyed the Bangalore Queer Film Fest, and talked to activists in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. What a difference! When it comes to climate issues, India can sometimes feel more like the U.S. than it does neighboring Bangladesh. India’s a nation of a billion people where 3rd world poverty coexists with 1st world affluenza–contradictions that shows up in climate policy. Read More