I am a firm believer that democracy is “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. No true development can come in the country without involving its people. In the spirit of participative politics, I request your feedback and suggestions which will help me form my manifesto.

Manifesto:Rejuvenate Jayanagar

  • Bring back Jayanagar to its glory days as the best planned neighborhoods of Asia
  • Work with BBMP, BDA and citizen groups to redefine the commercial, institutional andresidential zones in Jayanagar to bring the best of Jayanagar.
  • Ensure proper creation and management of infrastructure as per the zoning, including parkingmanagement, traffic management, so that residents can live peacefully.
  • Develop the Jayanagar Shopping complex into an international standard shopping destinationalong with its famous vegetable market.
  • Management and regulation of hawkers and vendors to ensure Roads, Parking spaces andFootpaths can be properly utilised.
  • Bring back the green cover to Jayanagar by using both Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) modeland citizen partnership.
  • Focused initiatives in some areas like Gurappanpalya, Byrsandra and Sarakki to bring it on parwith other developed areas of Jayanagar, to make Jayanagar a model constituency in Karnataka

    Women empowerment

  • Setting up of Women empowerment centers which will provide skill training. This center will also provide Mahila abhivruddhi loans and schemes from the government, supporting Stree Shakthi Sanghas and associations.
  • Skill development programs and entrepreneurship training programs for women employment and self-employment to be implemented.
  • Better safety for women by increasing police patrolling and installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations.
  • Work towards bringing Jayanagar a safe place for women and childrenEnvironment.
  • Solid waste management unit to be setup to manage wet and dry waste in Jayanagar. All efforts will be made to make Jayanagar garbage free. Compulsory waste segregation to be achieved through awareness, training and implementation throughout entire constituency.
  • Maintenance of all the parks to be improved through the active participation of the citizens. Upgradation of facilities like gym and play areas to be done through PPP models.
  • More advance pollution management measures to decrease air, sound and water pollution citizen awareness programs.
  • Increasing green cover by plantation of more saplings and nurturing them through the citizen partnership.
  • Improve water conservation measures in Jayanagar by awareness programs and rejuvenating current water systems in place.
  • Rain Water harvesting to be effectively implementedHealthcare.
  • All government hospitals will be improved and be made to be at par with private hospitals in Jayanagar.
  • All government health schemes to be implemented effectively.
  • Periodic health screening camps to be organised.
  • Senior citizens to be supported with all government health care schemes and facilities.
  • Youth empowerment & Skill development, vocational courses and placement center will be setup in Jayanagar constituency to provide skill development, counselling and employment to anyone seeking job or change of job.Job fairs will be conducted to connect employers and youth.Support and guidance will be provided to youth under various government schemes for self-employment.
  • Playgrounds and sports facilities in Jayanagar will be maintained and improved.
  • Support will be provided to youth sport organizations and associations.
  • Opportunities will be given to the youth of Jayanagar to showcase their skills and talents by regularly conducting Cultural and sports activities Participative Governance.
  • Sowmya Reddy will be regularly available in the constituency in the morning to attend to thecitizens’ grievances.
  • She will regularly meet Resident Welfare Associations to understand the issues on the ground and make them part of the decision-making process for Jayanagar’s improvement. Wardcommittees will be formed, activated and will be fully functional.
  • Help desk will be setup in the office of the MLA to help with assistance on Government related works and grievance redressal
  • A Software App to connect the citizens with the MLA. This shall be a platform that residents can get information about development activities/civic issues, to which they can respond and provide their response too.


  • All Government schools will be made state-of-the-art to be at par with private schools.
  • Improve the sanitation, water supply and potable water availability in government schools. Separate rest rooms for boys and girls to be implemented.
  • Providing free tuitions for underprivileged children.
  • All underprivileged SSLC and PUC Merit students will receive scholarships.
  • Support will be provided to youth sport organizations and associations.
  • Right to Education Act (RTE) will be supported. This shall provide for underprivileged children to attend quality private schools at almost no cost.

Welfare schemes

  • Sowmya Reddy shall connect the citizens of Jayanagar to all the Karnataka government welfare schemes and implement all schemes effectively.
  • Schemes such as Old age pension, Labour insurance for the underprivileged workers, Widow pension, support for physically challenged and Government loans for all communities will be implemented.

Civic Infrastructure

  • Foot paths will be made pedestrian friendly and bollards will be installed to restrict movement of vehicles.
  • Storm water drains will be covered or fenced and de-silted to ensure free flow.
  • Proactive maintenance of roads, parking, traffic management, street lights, water and sewagesystem.
  • Jayanagar specific website which will provide easy access and information to available facilitiesin the constituency.
  • Women friendly E-toilets to be set up.


  • Houses at a reasonable price, from the BDA (Bengaluru Development Authority), will be given to the underprivileged who do not have a site or house in Jayanagar.
  • Better amenities to be provided for underprivileged in government housing board coloniesAnimal Welfare.
  • Veterinary hospitals will be made to effectively function with adequate staff and infrastructure
  • Ensure that Animal birth control and Anti-Rabies vaccines will be done effectively to controlstray dog population.